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LAGBAC Branding History

2020 – Current Branding

The updated LAGBAC logo brings with it a change of name to highlight inclusivity and utilizes the colors and elements of Chicago’s flag to celebrate the city and its people. The logo is flexible to allow easy use in any format, and the grid provides a recognizable element to all communications. Bringing together these timeless elements, the new look is a great step towards inclusivity and city pride.

2012 – 25th Anniversary Logo

In conjunction with the 25th Anniversary Gala, LAGBAC decided it was time to take a fresh look at how it communicates its role in the community.  “We wanted to create a singular image for the organization, that was professional without being stuffy and clearly communicated the pride we all feel in our LGBTQ+ identity,” said John Litchfield, LAGBAC President.

The designer, Nathan Lagacy, who specializes in interactive design and branding, was thrilled at the opportunity to work on the project.  Having been familiar with LAGBAC for several years (Lagacy’s partner is a LAGBAC member), he welcomed the chance to help the organization renew its visual message.  When interviewing members of LAGBAC at the beginning of the project, Lagacy said he recognized “an organization that has experienced significant growth and maturity over the past 25 years. . . one that has led tremendous progress in LGBTQ+ issues, but still has a lot of work yet to do.”  “It was important to leverage the symbolism of the rainbow icon and palette into the logo in such a way that its meaning would be unmistakable,” Lagacy said, “but sometimes doing so can come off as kitschy.  This is a bar association, after all.”  The clean, pared-down design, emphasizing the “LAGBAC” name is meant to respect the organization’s history while still being able to champion the work to be done in the next twenty-five years.  It is also intended to be a visual statement that says “professional, confident, forward-thinking and unique, without being stuffy,” Lagacy added.

1987 – Founding Logo