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LAGBAC Joins Brief Opposing President Trump’s Anti-Muslim Travel Ban

By April 3, 2018No Comments

In November 2017, LAGBAC joined with several other interested parties as an amicus on briefs filed in the Fourth and Ninth Circuits opposing President Trump’s anti-Muslim travel ban based on the travel ban’s disproportionate impact on LGBTQ aliens.  On December 22, 2017, the Ninth Circuit affirmed the District of Hawaii’s preliminary injunction barring enforcement of the travel ban.  The Ninth Circuit cited and discussed our amicus brief in support of its conclusion that the injunction is in the public’s interest, stating:

The Proclamation also risks denying lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (“LGBTQ”) individuals in the United States the opportunity to reunite with their partners from the affected nations. [Citation omitted.] The Proclamation allows that it “may be appropriate” to grant waivers to foreign nationals seeking to reside with close family members in the United States.[Citation omitted.] But many of the affected nations criminalize homosexual conduct, and LGBTQ aliens will face heightened danger should they choose to apply for a visa from local consular officials on the basis of their same-sex relationships. [Citation omitted.]  The public interest is not served by denying LGBTQ persons in the United States the ability to safely bring their partners home to them.

The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear argument on the government’s appeal.  LAGBAC and other amici have filed a brief in the Supreme Court and a ruling is expected by June.

We are proud that our organization is an influence in securing peace and a better life for LGBTQ people and families around the world.